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We provide locksmith services across Blandford. Our local emergency locksmith works 24 hours a day. Residential and business services.

If you need a locksmith near me, then our mobile locksmith will come straight to your home. We can change locks or help if you are locked out. A lockout can be very stressful and we want to get you back in as quickly as possible.

Our mobile locksmith can help if you are locked out of your house or business.

Most commonly people tell us “I locked my door with the keys inside”. Don’t panic, we’ve all done it.

Locksmith in Blandford Forum, Blandford St Mary, Langton Long Blandford, Charlton Marshall, Bryanston, Pimperne, Durweston and Stourpaine


I am a local locksmith in Blandford Dorset. Although being a locksmith is my job, I get a lot of job satisfaction helping people in their time of need. There is never a good time to lock yourself out, but we usually do it when we are in a hurry or there is a an emergency.

We don’t just change locks or help people when they are locked out, we do a lot of work with emergency services. We can be asked to assist the police or ambulance service if there is a need, for example, a family member worrying about a relative who they cannot get hold of.


Locked out, what to do? Blandford